Sunday, July 24, 2016

Frostgrave: Hot Water

It is said that the Jinn are wild elemental beings... And that to summon them is to invite death. Yet into Frostgrave we went, looking for lamps in a section of town littered with boiling geysers. But my wizard was prepared. He and his apprentice had learned Planar Tear!

We changed the player deployment rules to put the high level players at one end of the table, and the lower level players at the other. This put me right in the middle of the table. Not a happy place to be... except for the fact that there were a number of treasures within relatively easy reach. Unfortunately the position was rather exposed.

Making the best of it, I directed my forces out, crossbowmen to the right to defend my flank from the evil druid, the again reanimated Princess to keep an eye on things in the middle of the board, while a treasure hunter and thug went after the ruined building just ahead of the deployment area. Starting the game off, my wizard tried to Telekinesis a treasure, failed, and injured himself. His apprentice did a better job. The rest of the forces spread out heading toward their respective goals.

Turn 2
The apprentice was felled by a powerful elemental bolt! Unfortunately the cowardly wizard who cast it moved out of sight before my wizard could return the favor. Instead he used Leap on the zombie and sent him skyward to fetch a treasure perched precariously on an overhead walkway. The crossbowmen took pot shots, but failed to do more than keep the druid's band under cover.

Turn 3
A war dog came around the corner and gnawed on my treasure hunter who went and retrieved the treasure that had been drawn toward him via the wizard's spell. My wizard tried to Push the dog away, but failed again. The zombie picked up the treasure, and then jumped down. While the treasure survived, the zombie didn't. The dog mauling the treasure hunter brought him down. Knuckles the thug made it into the ruin and ran up to a treasure within. From the other end of the ruin rushed in another warbands treasure hunter. Liss, the treasure hunter following Knuckles joined him in the ruin.

Turn 4
With the treasure hunter dead, my wizard blasted the dog with Bone Dart, only succeeding (I rolled a 5!!) in the casting because he's so good at it. Knuckles jumped at the enemy and spied another couple of figures just outside! Liss grabbed the treasure. Knuckles dropped, and Liss got jumped. Princess charged in at the fountain, trying to keep a treasure from being claimed, killing the dog that was guarding the thief.

Turn 5
Liss killed the treasure hunter who attacked her, then ran for her life with the treasure! Princess was killed. The crossbowmen continued to fail to do anything useful. Rathgar grabbed a treasure from the upper floor of a ruin and started to climb down. The wizard failed to reanimate the zombie, while Sir Hellsbane, who basically spent the game running in a big circle picked up the treasure that was dropped in the dog attack.

Turn 6
Mostly cleanup action, running back to the wizard's lair. The wizard successfully raised the zombie, who grabbed the treasure and shambled along. Then, like a bolt from the dark, the evil druid launched a bone dart at my wizard, who dropped like a stone, already weakened from his failed spells.

Turn 7

In the end my team claimed 5 treasures, none of them the Genies (there were 3). The loot was impressive, including 3 grimoires, 3 potions, and a Robe of Arrow Turning!

Then it was time to check on the wounded. Amazingly Princess Survived, but was badly wounded. The treasure hunter was dead.
Then I rolled to check on the apprentice... and got a 1. Dead. He was going to be expensive to replace... ah well.

Rolling for the wizard... and I got a 2. Also dead...

That could have gone better... It was decided a new wizard (level 0) would arrive and take over the old wizards inn, keeping the treasury and vault, but having to hire a new apprentice.

It was a little disappointing that I didn't get anywhere close to the Genies, especially since I had prepared for them.

What am I going to play next time? Something other than a necromancer I think. Beyond that? We'll see...

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