Saturday, June 25, 2016

Frostgrave: Dragon Strike!

For today's game, we decided to modify the Worm scenario we played last time, and used Wyrms this time! 5 dragons would appear, flying across the board, and if their flight path crossed over a mini, it would drop down and fight that mini to the death before flying off. We also replaced 1 treasure token per player with a dead body token. When searched there was a 50% chance of getting a treasure, 25% chance of waking a zombie, and 25% chance of finding nothing except a frozen former adventurer.

Once again, all 7 members of the campaign showed for game!

My forces set up in the bottom right hand corner of the table in this picture.

Here they are a little closer.

Across from me was Rob's wizard and his band.

And next to me Chris' force.

In the opening moves, my wizards fails to cast telekinesis on a treasure, while my apprentice leaps the thief onto the top of the ruins next to a body. Everyone else rushes for the ruins or the body next to the broken fountain.

My band immediately rushed forward toward a pair of bodies. The first was at the top of a flight of stairs in a ruin. Here my man at arms looks down at their friendly zombie, up the stairs toward the thief and the body, and across to Rob's band.

Rob's wizard gets Bone Darted by my wizard. In retaliation he tosses my thief 14" up into the air off the ruin. The thief promptly drops to the snow knocked out at least. My apprentice finishes off Rob's wizard with another Bone Dart.

My crossbowmen take out a thug running toward one of the bodies my guys were rushing toward.

Both bodies are found to have treasure.

While my treasure hunter finds another treasure at the far side of the ruins.

But then dragons start showing up...

This red one drops next to Chris' archer near my guys.

The blue drops behind the thug and thief who were about to jump my treasure hunter.

The clockwork dragon attacks The Doctor. Eventually the Doctor's companions came to the rescue and the dragon was killed.

The green dragon attacked a random bear that was just wandering past.

This other blue dropped into an open tower to munch on the guy cowering with a treasure. One of Don's guys, I think... It ate him, then flew off.

My wizard Leaps the treasure hunter away from the dragon, with the treasure, and she books it for the edge of the board.

Combined firepower takes out the red dragon. Sadly, not by me, so I missed out on that 100xp

My zombie charges in against Don's thug while the dragon chews on the thief.

Chris' man at arms using the cover of a ruin to try to stop my crossbowmen, wizard, and apprentice from getting my man at arms with treasure off the board...

He charged in, just as 2 skeletons wander by. My marksman clocks the warrior upside the head, causing him to stumble back before the crossbowman puts a bolt into his face. My wizard and apprentice each take out a skeleton with Bone Darts.

The 2 treasures reach the edge of the board. As they left, both my wizard and apprentice, backed up by the crossbows, went hunting, killing Rob's knight and archer, and making his thug run off the board without the treasure they'd been bringing back. Unfortunately there was no time to collect it, as the thug was the last of his figures on the board (alive), and that ended the game.

Final tally was 12 successfully cast spells (mostly Bone Dart with a couple of Leaps), 3 treasures (190gc, scrolls of Bone Dart, Leap, and Draining Word, and a Grimoire of Planer Tear, and Gloves of Strength). Once again Princess the now skeletal dog was killed, and the thief was badly wounded and will likely be out of a job next game.

Not shown was the EPIC battle between the dragon and the bear that lasted at least 3 turns. Eventually the dragon won, but it was a hard fought victory, and ended up resulting in the dragon's death at the hands of one of the other warbands.