Thursday, June 2, 2016

Balticon 50 Wrap Up

Balticon 50 has come and gone, but it is with me still... and probably for another day or two. It has gifted me with a lingering bit of con crud. Not a shock, given the hours I spent working registration, which I'm thrilled to say went smoothly.

But enough with the chat, let's get on with the pics!

 Don't Blink!

If you've made it this far, congrats! Cool costumes, hua? I also attended a bunch of panels, very few of which got pictures.
The ever wonderful dino update
 Foam armor
 writing violence!
How to make Balticon better. The last panel of the year.

This year saw Balticon in a new location, which had an assortment of issues, many of which stemmed from the fact that we'd never been there before. All in all, I expect next year will be better, if a little smaller. It's unlikely that it'll match the size of 50 with George R.R. Martin... but who knows!

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