Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bits and Bobs VIII

I know there have been many times I've wanted to see a dungeon map in 3D. There have been some really impressive examples done in minecraft, but the time and effort that takes can be off-putting, and the blocky nature of it can be limiting. Green Pilgrim over on the Cartographer's Guild has put together a tutorial for taking a normal dungeon map, and making it 3D. As an example he uses one of Dyson's maps:
and turned it into this:

What do your coins look like? Given that the dragon has likely been acquiring it's horde for a long time, chances are some of the coins are going to be old, and a little weird. Inkwell has a random chart to figure it out.

I haven't seen Hansel & Gretel yet, but the concept art for the witches is pretty damn cool.

Ever want to have a Shield/endtable of Whiterun from Skyrim? Harrison Krix from Volpin Props has a great tutorial on how to make one.

Satyre of Fame & Fortune has some magical statues for that "special" roll you got when stocking the dungeon.

And we'll wrap things up with an awesome picture of Maleficent by Nebezial

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  1. Thanks for the mention! :) Great to be in good company.