Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Inspirational Image - Dungeonmorph Dice

Yesterday I got a package in the mail... One that I've been waiting a long time to get!

My Dungeonmorph Dice arrived!!

And this is the first dungeon I rolled!

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but these are big dice, about the size of casino dice.

On a related note, has anyone heard from Dyson Logos lately?


  1. On his last blog entry, "Lee" posted this in the comments:

    Joe replied to a query I put up on reddit that he did get in touch with Dyson last week, and he has a phone number to contact him if necessary, but that Dyson says he’s offline for the “foreseeable future.”

  2. Those dice are very cool. But the website for the company says they are "coming soon" so I have no clue how to get my own. Too bad . . . they'd make a nice Christmas gift for the gamers I know.

  3. @FF - Thanks for that. I haven't read the comments there in quite a while. I hope he's doing ok.

    @Peter - They only JUST got the dice from the factory, and mailed them on Friday, so soon.

  4. There will be a small number of extras for sale in the next day or so. Unfortunately I have to wait a little longer for a restock from the manufacturer.

  5. Nice dice. When those came out I was in the middle of another money hole so did not have the extra to get them. Will need to see if I can snag some extras from Joe.

  6. Very cool. They're going to go like hot cakes!

    Get ready for it. ;)