Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It crawls out of the shadows...

Tim from Gothridge Manor asked in my last post if I plan on posting my stocked dungeon.

Yes, yes I do.  Just as soon as I'm happy with it.  I have been working on it, sort of.  Actually I've been working on stocking random dungeons the last couple of days, just to get the knack of it again.  I feel so rusty and out of practice, and as usual life keeps trying to distract me.  I've also been reading or rereading every dungeon and megadungeon boxed set, adventure, book, article I can get my hands on. This goes back to my over prepping for everything.

Last night I decided that my dungeon, my world will operate under the idea that bad things really do crawl out of the darkness.  Vermin do spontaneously generate in the back of store rooms.  Undead arise naturally from abandoned graveyards and tombs.  Goblins and kobolds spring from the dark woods and grottoes fully formed, fully evil, and ready to raid and destroy.  Trolls form under bridges as a matter of course.  Dragons bubble to the surface from volcanoes and swamps to take wing and terrorize for miles around.  Abandoned cities, villages, temples and dungeons (especially dungeons!) twist and the darkness consumes them, and what was once a logical structure more and more becomes a realm of nightmares.  This will free me from having to make my megadungeon "make sense" as it currently exists, and is heavily lifted from the idea of the megadungeon as the mythic underworld as explained by Philotomy in his OD&D Musings.   It also makes for a strong campaign that pits civilization against chaos.


  1. Great to hear. I'm having trouble finishing a series of one shot adventures so I can only image the logisitics of a mega dungeon. Good luck.

  2. It is kind of daunting! But I'm having fun doing it, so that makes it worth it.