Saturday, November 19, 2016

Another Day In Frostgrave

We gathered for out penultimate game of the campaign today, and had a full table of 8 players.
I started at the far left end of the table from this angle

Elsa, Anna, and their troops found themselves facing a new wizard (played by Sam, the daughter of one of our regular players) also called the Doctor. This one seeming to exchange a fez for a ridiculously long scarf. His ragtag fellows started off across a low ridge. Off to the right, Vaaron's band, including his woefully under-dressed apprentice (that dirty old man.

Elsa begins by casting leap on Grave Digger the treasure hunter, while Hood the treasure hunter follows on foot toward the tower ruin on the ridge, while the old marksman flanks off to the right to keep an eye on Vaaron's warband. Anna tries to follow her sisters example, but the spell proves too difficult. She orders the construct to head toward the bridge anyway. Everyone else moves out to explore the ruins.

On the ridge, the Doctor steps forward, and seeing the Grave Digger tries to sonic him (elemental bolt). The sound fails to bother the old guy, used to the screams of the recently dead anyway. Elsa comes up to support him, and blasts the Doctor with an ice bolt, but it impacts harmlessly against the wall of the tower. The hellknight follows Elsa, and menaces the Doctor. Anna leaps the slow moving construct up onto the bridge to retrieve the treasure located above, while Lady treasure hunter follows up the side. Hood begins to climb the watchtower... this is gonna take a while... The old marksman gets attacked by a Woman at Arms from Vaaron's party. He manages to fend her off long enough for Rathgar the Man at Arms to charge in and cleave her down the middle.

On the ridge, Elsa tries and fails to blast the Doctor again. The hellknight advances and smites the Doctor to the ground with a single swipe of his sword. From around the back of the ruined tower, a musketeer shoots the hellknight in reply. Down below, Anna further enchants the construct, speeding it's steps. With it's increased speed, is rushes across the old bridge and grabs the treasure. Mr. Bones grabs a treasure from a well, but is set upon by a thug of the Doctor. The younger marksman tries to give him cover, but as he's lining up a shot, he's charged by a strange dog with wheels in place of it's rear legs. He kicks it back, but doesn't hurt it.

Back by the bridge, the old marksman is charged by a thief who'd been hiding in the shadows of the woman at arms. Again, Rathgar comes to his rescue, dropping the thief. The musketeer again fends off the knight, and somehow manages to load and fire his weapon at point blank range. Wounded the hellknight still stands.

A giant ice toad emerges from a pile of snow and hopes at the old marksman. This time though, he doesn't need rescuing. As the beast is about to chomp down on him with it's massive jaws, he shoots his crossbow straight into the beast's small brain, killing it instantly.

Elsa again blasts the musketeer with an icy bolt, but again it fails to hurt him. Anna has better luck freezing the wheeled dog in a layer of ice. Mr. Bones manages to brain the thug, and stumble a little distance away with the treasure before he's setup again before shoving him off. From the far side of the ridge, a large construct lumbers toward them. At first Mr. Bones is relieved, thinking it's the one created by Elsa, but in spite of the visual similarity, it's a different golem!

Did everyone have the same issue of "Wizard's Workshop"?

The younger marksman slams it hard with a perfectly aimed bolt, but the magic enchanting it's body keeps it stumbling forward, even when so badly damaged. The hellknight again charges the musketeer, and again fails to land a blow and is shoved back. Hood finally finishes climbing the tower, and looks around. The view is spectacular, and the treasure chest at his feet is a welcome find.

A streak of light, like a firework, comes sailing through the sky toward the ridge. It lands between Mr. Bones and the thug and explodes killing both!

Elsa again tries to blast the musketeer, but can feel the spell failing. Giving herself a nasty case of frostbite, she manages to empower the spell, but again the blast fails to connect. Anna gives the speed enchantment to Lady the treasure hunter, who then runs toward the ridgeline. The old marksman spots a knight coming up the ridge behind the golem, and tried to take him out, but misses. Lady finishes her charge in front of the golem, and knocks it to the ground, breaking the enchantment holding it together. The old markman gets a bead on Vaaron, but he shifts right at the last second, and the bolt flies harmlessly.

Pushing up her sleeves, Elsa again blasts the insufferable musketeer. This time the ice finds it's target, and he falls. With a nod, she orders her hellknight to grab the treasure. Unfortunately just as she turns to go, Vaaron's entire warband exits the table...

...and while these 3 treasures were recovered, 2 lay unclaimed yet so tantalizingly within reach... if only there had been one more turn!

Mr. Bones did not survive the grenade, and will need to be replaced for the final game... in the library!

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