Friday, August 22, 2014

Review: Peril on the Purple Planet

This is a review of the PDF of the Peril on the Purple Planet adventure by Harley Stroh. Not included in this review are any of the other products that will be included in the finished boxed set.

I’m really looking forward to both the complete Peril on the Purple Planet and the Chained Coffin/Shudder Mountains sets, but even the core adventures that seeded these two massive releases are filled with enough material that you don’t really need anything else to base an entire campaign around them.

Peril on the Purple Planet is heavily inspired by Edgar Rice Burrough’s Mars stories and the other Sword and Planet type stories. The adventure finds the PCs transported to a dying alien world, under a dying star that saps their strength, and the only way to get home is to activate an ancient artifact. If only they knew how…

The adventure is set up as a hex crawl with lots of keyed areas, random encounters, warring factions, seriously deadly yet potentially helpful Relics of the Ancients (including laser rifles!), and natural hazards (giant sand worms!) all of which will challenge the adventurers' ability to survive and get home.

On top of all that you also get charts for customizing the Kith, 15 Mushrooms of the Purple Planet that correspond with the mushrooms shown on the cover image, and a listing of Relics of the Ancients characteristic and operating instructions based on a series of 8 runes that each item shares. 

The art and cartography are the usual high standard that Doug Kovacs and Stefan Poag produce, and special mention has to be made about the cover, which will also be the DM’s screen art.

Seriously, is that not fantastic? The whole adventure has that feel about it.

If you didn’t get in on the kickstarter, this is definitely an adventure you’ll be wanting to check out for yourself once it’s released. You’ll also be strongly considering setting an entire campaign on the Purple Planet, not just one massive fantastic adventure… I so can not wait for the rest of the material to come from the Purple Planet!


  1. As someone who had to back out of the Kickstarter, are all the physical items at the $50 pledge level also included in the retail box? I've recently gotten involved in a Crawljammer campaign, and I'm enjoying it so much that I'm considering running a game myself. Purple Planet would seem like an awesome addition.

    1. Hi Brian - I think so. Even the painting! Crawljammer is some really good stuff, and I think it'll mesh really well with Purple Planet, based on the initial PDF.


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